Coach Tamara

Name: Tamara Rüeger
Phone: +41 76 499 73 78

Tamara coaches

  • Blackroll Strength
  • Blackroll Relax
  • Body Pump
  • CX Worx
  • Body Balance / Yoga Flow
  • Functional Training

Background story

As a former gymnast and today as professional masseur and passionate triathlete I know that success goes hand in hand with hard work and recovery.
Intensive training sessions that push you beyond your limits alone are not enough for better performance and long-lasting success. Moderate training sessions, mobility & stability training and rest days diversify your training and contribute significantly to your sportive success.

I’ve been working in different studios as a group fitness instructor for multiple classes over the last years. I’m passionate about teaching classes and will show you how to get the best out of you!

I’m looking forward to seeing you!