Yoga by Luna

“Do you have any special requests or wishes for the class?”

This is the incipit for each of my classes, in which the students are the protagonists. During the asana (yoga practice) I do my best to satisfy everyone’s needs in the most playful and original way, starting from simple and precise movements up to more and more complicated positions. My classes are moments to reconnect to your body and find mental serenity, and to experience the limits of your body.

Functional Training by Malick

This is a highly intensive, varied conditioning and strength training. The goal is to strengthen and improve in different fitness disciplines in a balanced way. Functional fitness trainings cover endurance, strength, agility, speed, dexterity, balance, coordination and accuracy, giving you a higher level of performance in all areas.

Yoga by Nathalie

I teach Hatha yoga, a mix of strengthening postures and flow elements. My classes are suitable for all levels. It’s less about the final form and more about the actions. Hence, I focus a lot on alignment in order for your body to benefit the most from these actions. I like to pay attention to you as an individual, be it online or in person, in group or 1:1.

And what I never want to miss: Let’s have fun!

Bachata by Nathalie

Bachata is a dance originally from the Dominican Republic, and I will bring it to your living room! In this Bachata Online class, you’ll learn the basic steps and movements of Bachata. This class is suitable for Beginners and I will always adjust to the level of the group.

We will dance to the rhythm of Bachata music

Fit with your Kid by Tanja

Fit with your Kid is a short 30 minutes class for parents and their children. We workout with our kids in a playful way but we include also challenging exercises for the parents. The workout is suited for kids ranging 3-10 years. Older kids can also try to do the same exercise as the parents 😉

Let’s move and “play” together.

Mobility by Evelyn

Mobility is more than Stretching. We’ll focus on moving our joints and muscles actively to widen the individual range of motion. You’ll feel lighter, more balanced and ready to rock the day. Although moving and stretching sounds light, you’ll have to actively work and sweat also during this workout.

Yoga blocks and a stretching band may be handy but you can also use a hard cover book and a towel instead.

Core with Fabian

Core Training:
45 Min strength training with the main focus on core stability and core strength. We will attack your abs, obliques, the whole posterior chain and your glutes. Your benefits are a great posture and a strong foundation to properly execute all your daily activities & workouts.
Core Tabata:
45 Min strength training combined with cardio components. We combine core strength exercises with endurance training in divers interval patterns. This will increase your heart rate at the same time you executing strength exercises. In this way you burn morn calories and activate different muscle fibers to shape your body.

Blackroll with Tamara


Nutze deine BLACKROLL® mal anders und löse damit nicht nur deine Faszien, sondern kräftige auch deinen Körper. Vielfältig einsetzbar werden wir mit Hilfe der BLACKROLL® den Körper durch anspruchsvolle Übungen (es werden immer auch Optionen gezeigt, um Übungen einfacher zu machen!) herausfordern und schonend kräftigen.

Der Kurs ist für ALLE geeignet, ob Couch-Potatoe oder Profisportler.


Faszien durchziehen den Körper wie ein dreidimensionales Netzwerk und haben grossen Einfluss auf die Muskulatur, die Bewegung, die Haltung und das Schmerzempfinden. Verklebte und verkümmerte Faszien können beispielsweise häufig Ursache von Rückenschmerzen oder (schmerzhaften) Bewegungseinschränkungen sein. Geschmeidige, gut durchfeuchtete Faszien wiederum beeinflussen die Kraftentwicklung und -übertragung sowie die Feinabstimmung einer Bewegung nachhaltig positiv.

In Sinne der Klassischen Anwendung der BLACKROLL® werden wir unsere Faszien lösen und somit wieder geschmeidig und funktional machen.

Der Kurs ist für ALLE geeignet, ob Couch-Potatoe oder Profisportler.