Coach Ilina

Name: Ilina Jordanova

Ilina coaches

  • Pilates
  • Booty
  • Stretching & Mobility
  • Functional Training
  • Personal Training

Background story

My passion for sport and movement began at a very young age with dancing, which is why I studied contemporary stage dancing in Zurich. I had the opportunity to train me further and perform in countries such as Germany, France, Indonesia, China and the USA.

In 2011 I said goodbye to the dance world and discovered my passion for fitness. During the training I was able to explore my mental and physical limits and get to know my body a new way. My long-standing experience in teaching dance lessons has been very helpful in my smooth transition to becoming a Pilates and personal trainer. I am a certified fitness and Pilates trainer as well as a passionate nutrition coach. 2020 I started with the Yoga Teacher Training to broaden my horizons.

Discipline, stamina and self-confidence were essential tools for me during the preparation and competition phases of the Bikini Fitness Competition in Switzerland in 2015 and 2016, where I won third place. My experience as an athlete at the competitions confronted me with my physical and mental limits and taught me a lot. I can grow beyond my own limits, know how to deal with them and still respect my possibilities. I integrate this knowledge into every training session with my clients.

See you on the mat!