Okt 07 2021


11:30 - 12:30

Core values – path to ease, clarity and effortless decision making

They are the guiding principles that dictate our perception of life and therefore dictate our behaviours, actions and how we form our decisions. Hence, when we move through life and “feel off” or say things like “I shouldn’t have done that”, it is often because we are out of alignment with our values. Knowing your core values creates more personal freedom, empowers you to go after the things you truly cherish and succeed at doing so, in your personal as well as professional lives.

This webinar is designed to help you discover your very own core values and builds an actionable system around them.

You will

✅ discover and strengthen your values and inner guidance system

✅ have actionable clarity how to live by these values day by day
✅ make decisions in alignment with what already naturally drives you
✅ uncover your prime emotions associated with each value to anchor and embody them more easily

To profit the most out of the webinar, please take 10 minutes to do the pretask:


  • Chris

    Chris is passionate about creating a space where insights and transformation can happen. He feels most alive and in purpose when he can support individuals and teams to move into their potential and leave behind what is no longer serving them. Chris holds a master’s degree in computer science and has specialized as MINDFUCK and Life Coach.

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