Mrz 13 2023


12:00 - 13:00

Sleep Procrastination – Learn how to find rest and recovery in your sleep

You’re actually tired, but you still watch your favorite show or scroll through your feed on Instagram late into the night. This supposedly groundless postponement of going to bed is also called “sleep procrastination”.


In this webinar you will learn more about:
What behaviors are associated with sleep procrastination
How sleep procrastination could affect your health
A few strategies for improving on the root cause of sleep procrastination



  • Tracy Hannigan
    Tracy Hannigan
    Qualified Sleep Therapist, recognised by the Society of Behavioural Sleep Medicine

    Tracy Hannigan has a degree in psychology and worked in community mental health settings in the US for many years. After moving to the UK, Tracy later trained and registered as an osteopath in the UK. With decades of experience working with a variety of populations (mental health and chronic pain), Tracy took her interest in sleep and created a specialised sleep consultancy (Tracy The Sleep Coach) where she advises adults with insomnia and helps them reclaim good sleep, which allows them to live the life they want and deserve. Having had her own decade long-spanning experience with insomnia, she is uniquely experienced both personally and professionally to help people overcome sleeping problems – or avoid them – using the evidence-based approaches supported by global sleep societies.

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