Jul 18 2023


12:00 - 13:00

Post-Exercise Recovery – Maximizing performance and minimizing fatigue

Recovery strategies for resistance exercise: What does work and what doesn’t?
It is well known that exercise is beneficial for our overall health. Specifically, if we focus on resistance exercise training, this allows us to improve our muscle strength and muscle mass. Such an increase in muscle strength and muscle mass is a goal that is sought after by many individuals. Therefore, we are always on the look-out to find ways by which we can improve these benefits of resistance exercise by applying different recovery strategies. In this webinar several common recovery strategies will be discussed on their (in)effectiveness.

You will receive information on:
✅ Short- and long-term research methods that are used to assess muscle mass
✅ Simplified insights into how scientific research is performed to assess muscle mass
✅ Nutritional recovery strategies for resistance exercise
✅ Other (non-nutritional) recovery strategies for resistance exercise


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