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Nonverbal Communication - The power of body language - VIABZ


Mai 26 2023


12:00 - 13:00

Nonverbal Communication – The power of body language

We communicate with all of who we are. Our body language is, so to speak, our first language we learn. Our body is constantly speaking. In this webinar we focus on signals we intentionally send and what others may see and interpret in our body language. Congruency of verbal, para- and nonverbal communication signals is a key to effective communication.

Seeing and making sense of the body language of collaborators, clients and others is vital to successful professional communication. Whilst there is no code book to simply memories to unlock the meaning of body language there are methods to detect and interpret patterns of individual nonverbal communication.

You will receive information on:
✅ A methodology to better understand body language
✅ Seeing and understanding certain nonverbal communication signals in meetings
✅ Tips and tricks for nonverbal communication