Apr 13 2023


12:00 - 13:00

Anti-inflammatory Diet – Eat yourself healthy

Many of us experience chronic inflammation in our bodies through our lifestyle. Factors influencing inflammation include stress, diet, exercise, sleep and other deep-rooted causes. A chronic build-up of inflammation in our bodies leads to diseases that can impact the overall quality of our life.

The good news is that inflammation can be reduced following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. In today’s webinar, we will be discussing how to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, with a focus on diet to ensure your body thrives and doesn’t just survive.

You will learn more about:
✅ Deep-rooted causes of inflammation
✅ Ways in which diet can reduce inflammation with practical tips
✅ Foods to avoid that increase inflammation in the body
✅ How to lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to reduce chronic inflammation in the body


  • Jenaed Brodell
    Jenaed Brodell
    Dietitian nutritionist, founder of nutrition consultancy company Nutrition and Co.

    Jenaed Brodell is one of UKs leading dietitian nutritionists. She is the director
    /founder of UK’s leading private nutrition consultancy company Nutrition and Co.
    Jenaed’s speciality areas lie in sports nutrition. She is the lead sports
    performance dietitian for world renowned universities including Imperial college
    London and Cambridge University. She helps clients through 1-1 evidence based
    nutrition advice. She provides compassionate care, focused on the individual.

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