Oct 14 2022


12:00 - 13:00

Resilience – Finding and building upon your internal strengths

This webinar is designed to take you on a journey of discovery around resilience and help you to develop a strong understanding of your internal strengths. A safe space will be created where you will challenge your current beliefs around what resilience means to you.

Self-reflection and curiosity are at the heart of the session and you will have a very human-centred experience that will leave you feeling more self-aware, connected, and empowered to better support yourself and others on their resilience journey.


By the end of the workshop, you will:
✅ Have a better understanding of what resilience means
✅ Be more aware of their internal barometer
✅ Have a framework to access resilience
✅ Ideas to build a resilience tool kit


  • Josh Connolly
    Josh Connolly
    Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Podcast Host, Ambassador for Nacoa

    As one of the UK’s most influential Resilience coaches, Josh has run corporate workshops globally for brands including Intel, Dyson, Mace, Yo!

    Josh is a certified breathwork practitioner and podcast host. Additionally, he is an ambassador for Nacoa – a national charity supporting people affected by a parent’s drinking. Through his work and passion for more open conversation, he has built a strong reputation around mental health advocacy and he is regularly invited to speak on the BBC, ITV & Channel 5 news.

    He has also spoken in the House of Commons, contributed to mental health policy and even advised the scriptwriting team on Hollyoaks, one of the UK’s longest running TV drama series.

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